Templeton Thompson

Templeton Thompson Music Video
Jennifer Stamps* photos
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Templeton Thompson, sunrise at Moon Shadow Farm   April Dace, Producer with Cindy Meehl, Director
Kelly Henderson doing Templeton's makeup Moose Roger Pistole, Our amazing Director of Photography
Roger Pistole and friends Beau and Jane Templeton and Roger
Templeton Crew watching the round pen Templeton
Crew watching the round pen Cindy Meehl, Director, watching Templeton in the monitor
Getting a rearing shot Templeton Templeton
PJ Drayton, Templeton's mom Templeton's motto
Filming creek shots
Filming creek shots Sam Gay in makeup
  Sam Gay
Sam Gay on guitar Crew setting up hayloft shot
Shelby Werstbaugh with Templeton Templeton in the loft Roger Pistole and Marsha Jones
Cindy and Roger Templeton Cindy consulting with Jim
Photos by Jen Stamps
*Any use of these photos MUST be granted by Jennifer Stamps
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